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Welcome to WagnerTractors.com

This site is intended to be a resource for individuals interested in researching the WA-14first successful all wheel drive agricultural tractor first developed by Elmer Wagner and his brothers in the late 40's to mid-1950's. This site is full of pictures, articles, videos, model specifications and other information related to Wagner tractors.

The FWD Corporation later purchased the Wagner Tractor company in 1961, forming FWD Wagner. They changed the model designations from TR to WA and built the WA 4, WA 9, WA 14 and WA 17 model tractors. They built tractors until the end of the 1960's when they were effectively forced out of business through a contract they held with John Deere that contained a 'no compete' clause.  For more information on the history of the Wagner tractors, please see our articles page.  Because the tractors were so well built, there are many of them still operating today.  Almost every piece of the tractor body is steel, not tin or sheet metal!  It is not uncommon to see an old Wagner that has been updated by a farmer to fit his current needs.  Repowering the tractors with larger engines is common practice.

Wagner Tractors were the first of their kind so feel free to look around the site to see the ever growing collection of information related to Wagner Tractors.

Do you know when Wagner Tractor, Inc., started selling tractors?

We do!  We recently found this article in an old copy of Implement and Tractor magazine, dated May 22, 1954.  This is the oldest reference we have seen discussing Wagner Tractor, Inc., beginning to sell their tractors commercially.  You can access the article from the Articles page or by Clicking Here.


There's another new page at WagnerTractors.com!!! 

We are working on taking all the great pictures that have been sent to us and putting them on a "Reader Submission" page located here.  If you have a Wagner Tractor, please send us a snapshot with as much history about your tractor as you know.


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WA - 4 with Scraper at Ground Level:

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New Videos Recently Added!

To view videos you must click “allow active x” or “add-on” across the top of your screen. We have added a few videos of some dirt work being performed by a WA-4 with a scraper, along with a WA-14 and another WA-4. The video was taken in western Nebraska in June 2009.




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Pulling 120 feet of Rotary Hoe

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