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Customized Wagners

Wagner Tractors were very 'farmer friendly' in that most guys with a torch, a welder, and some mechanic skills could alter the tractors to suit their needs.  This page has some photographs of Wagners that have been significantly changed from their original state to fit a specific job or to upgrade and improve on the design.

If you have a Wagner, or know of one, that has been altered significantly, please send us an e-mail at collectors@wagnertractors.com and tell us about it!

This tractor was the TR-14 that was used by the State of Nebraska to conduct their official tractor test.  We have a picture of the tractor when it was new and will post it just as soon as we locate it.  You almost can't recognize any features of the original tractor, basically just the fenders.  It is owned by one of the Norberg brothers of Kimball county in south western Nebraska.  Their father was a Wagner dealer, and as a result they have several Wagners still on their place.

Among the many alterations, they have:

-Repowered the tractor with a larger Cummins and upgraded the transmission


-Added triples


-Improved the hood for easier access to the engine


-Used a Steiger power divider in place of the original Wagner power divider.  The Wagner divider is still used as the hinge for the tractor, but is only used to transmit power back to the rear axle as you can see in the picture.


-Changed the cab to a Massey Ferguson cab with custom mounts for a more comfortable ride


All the work done in modifying this tractor is top notch.  Everything is very cleanly put together and looks very professional.


This is another tractor in the Norberg family that has had quite a bit of modification work done to it.  It started life as an orange TR-9.  Since then it has had modifications to the hood, fuel tank and front to add a large 'V' plow for pushing snow.  The paint scheme would have you think it was one of the John Deere Wagners, but you can make out the original orange in a few spots underneath.

To accommodate the longer engine block and radiator, the hood has been moved forward and up.  Adding a fuel tank between the rear fenders is also a common change some guys made to their tractors.  Especially in a tractor that does its work by pushing this helps add traction to the rear axle.



We found this tractor while surfing the internet listed on an auction site.  It appears to be a TR series Wagner tractor with a Steiger cab on it and some hood modifications.  It probably also has a bigger engine since the hood has a short extension in front of the cab and the cab is pushed back a little bit.  Not to mention a customized paint job.  If you happen to know this tractor, please let us know any of the specifics behind the changes that were made.

WAGNER WA14 4WD TRACTOR