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Welcome to the WagnerTractors.com's collection of articles related to Wagner Tractors. We have articles written in agricultural magazines, original sales flyers, some original advertisements and manuals. Click around and read some very interesting material, some recent and some dating back to the 1950's.

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"Tractormobile Diesels For General Purpose Farm Work"

We recently found this short article from the May 22, 1954, issue of Implement and Tractor magazine.  It is the earliest mention we know of that puts a specific date on when Wagner started producing their four wheel drive tractors for sale.  Other articles date the development of the brothers unique design to 1949, but we believe this was only the start of their research and design efforts.  Please take a look at the copy of the article by Clicking Here

          "Tractormobile Diesels For General Purpose Farm Work." Implement and Tractor, 22 May 1954:  pp 58.

An Interesting Alliance with FWD-Wagner

Courtesy of Green Magazine (visit www.greenmagazineonline.com) "In what some argue was a brilliant piece of industrial strategy John Deere entered into an agreement with FWD-Wagner for exclusive rights to sell the WA-14 and WA-17 articulated four-wheel-drive farm tractors on the eve of the first day of 1969. Still reeling from poor 8010 (8020) tractor sales, John Deere was without a marketable high horsepower four-wheel-drive, although a new articulated was being planed for release in the early '70s. The alliance with FWD -Wagner superficially appears to have been a stopgap measure undertaken by John Deere to maintain a marketing presence in the four wheel drive market, but some think there may have been more to it." Read More

Will, Oscar H. "John Deere Wa-14 and WA-17: An interesting alliance with FWD-Wagner," Green Magazine: (c) 2004 Hain Publising, Inc. August 2004: pp 17-23.

Prairie Monsters: Eight Wheels on my Wagner

Courtesy of Classic Tractor Magazine (visit www.classictractormagazine.co.uk) When a notice of sale listing no less than ten ageing four-wheel-drive Wagner tractors appeared in his local paper, CLASSIC TRACTOR reader and Colorado farmer Roger Perry couldn't resist taking a look. What he found at McCue and McCue Farms, Arriba, Colorado was almost beyond belief.

Big farming operations call for big tractors. No surprise then that McCue and McCue Farms, who farmed thousands of acres high on the vast wheat plains of eastern Colorado, relied on a big fleet of high-horsepower articulated tractors. But here's the twist: the McCues operated a unique and ageing fleet of FWD Wagner four-wheel-drives -the four fathers of today's sophisticated articulated tractors. Read More.

Perry, Roger "Prairie Monsters: Eight Wheels on my Wagner", Classic Tractor: (c) 2002 Sundial Magazines Ltd. July 2002: pp 42-43.

Click to View Larger"Worth Remembering"

"Kenneth and Joe Kinnie, wheat producers from Julesburg, Colorado, became the proud owners of this WA14 Wagner tractor in 1961. It was purchased from Wickham Tractor in Brush, Colorado, at the sale price of $28,000.00. The tractor was delivered new with a 220hp Cummins engine which was soon upgraded to 262 hp by adding a turbo charger and recalibrating the injection pump." Click on Article image to read more.


"Speeds Plowing"Click to Read More

"Up to a year ago summer operations on the 2500-acre ranch of Thomas Meech near Ferdig, Montana, meant practically a continuous round of plowing. Thanks to a 6V-71 GM Diesel engine this is no longer the case. A Wagner TRD 9 four-wheel tractor pulling a 26 foot cultivator is used in the operation." To read more click article image.