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These pictures were taken in the fall of 2008.  These tractor's belong to Kimmel Brent and his son, they farm in eastern Colorado.
WA - 17

Red WA-14 RED Wa-14WA-9

Bob Preston's Experience with Wagner Tractors

The pictures of this WA-4 were taken in 1962 south of Lyman, NE.  Ted B. Miller, an equipment dealer in Gering, NE, brought the tractor out for Bob Preston to try on his wheat farm.  Bob was one of the pioneers of stubble mulch farming in that area and you can see the tractor is hooked up to a set of three Noble 'V' blades in the center picture. The WA-4 (125 hp) was only slightly larger than the tractors he was farming with at the time, Oliver Super 99's and a 990 (80 hp). 

WA-4 1962WA-4 1962WA-4 1962

Later that fall he purchased a used TR-9 (120 hp) with intentions of using it the following spring (Bob is shown in the left color picture standing in front of the tractor). After having an entire winter to second guess his decision, when spring rolled around he traded that TR-9 in without even taking it to the field.  He traded it in on a brand new WA-14 shown in the right color picture.  After 6 or 7 years the 14 was upgraded with a small, altitude compensating turbo bringing it up to its rated horsepower of 220 at the high plains elevation.  After the addition of a Steiger Cougar I (300 hp) a few years after that, he finally upgraded to a large turbo bring the engine to 262 horsepower.  This, in effect, made his WA-14 into a WA-17.

New Red WA-9WA-14 New

The Wagner (with the Cougar) was his primary farming tractor until the Steiger Cougar I was replaced with a Steiger Panther III in the late 1970's.  Even then, the Wagner saw field work every year until approximately 1990 when it was put away for the winter and wasn't needed the following spring.  The WA-14 sat in the shed until 1997, when Bob's grandson Reg put a battery in it and brought it up to the shop to be serviced.  He had been begging his father, Don, to get the tractor out and at least use it 'a little bit.'  Reg may have taken matters into his own hands.  The photo below was taken by Bob when he came out to the farm that same day and happened to see the tractor running next to the road.  The Wagner found its self back in annual farming duty until 2003, filling in when an extra tractor was needed to summer fallow or during planting. 

By this time the Steiger's were gone, a Ford-Versatile 976 had been used for about three years, and the main tractor on the farm was now a Cat Challenger 75.  Two four wheel drives, one track tractor and several two wheel drive tractors have came and went but the Wagner stayed.  Its a testament to how well the Wagner was built and how easy it was to work on (both simple maintenance and major work) that the tractor was kept this long. The WA-14 is still in the family, and except for a clutch adjustment and servicing, is ready to go back to the field.


Below are several pictures of the WA-14 in the field in the mid to late 1960's:

WA-14 Western Nebraska
WA-14 Western Nebraska
WA-14 Western Nebraska

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Auction photo
Auction Photo