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Model WA - 4FWD Wagner WA - 4 Agriculture Tractor

This page is a collection of literature, pictures, and other information related specifically to the model WA-4 Wagner. This was the smallest WA model wagner that FWD Wagner ever made. It was rated at 124 horsepower. Actual production date are currently unknown to us at WagnerTractors.com but we are consistantly doing research to discover all their is to know about the WA-4. Back to models page.

Sales Flyers and Related Literature

WA - 4 Sales Flyer.pdf (size: 4.8MB)
Multiple Model Sales Flyer.pdf (size: 3.5MB)

Some fairly recent pictures of WA - 4:

Taken in Colorado (winter 2009) a WA-4 with Scraper:

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Model WA-4 located in England:

Taken in Nebraska:


WA-4 Front WA - 4 Cab WA-4 Back

WA-4 Side